What drives us

More than 10 years of dedication

Fulana is the fruit of female entrepreneurship, and carries joy and freedom in its DNA. Each pair of shoes is carefully designed to capture the essence of different cultures and destinations, providing our customers with a unique and enriching experience. With the vibrant colours of Latin America, our shoes tell stories of faraway places and inspire adventures. We value authenticity and originality, which is why we work with local artisans, preserving traditional manufacturing techniques that bring each pair to life.

We believe that our shoes should reflect the journeys we make, as well as the journeys we dream of making. That’s why we travel the world to develop our exclusive footwear collections. It’s our passion to create fun, beautiful, handmade shoes that reflect the beauty of this world. With Fulana, you can wear the world and walk with joy, freedom and a little piece of different cultures.

Creating pieces for Fulana is a real rescue for me. A reconnection with my essence.

Bruna Bielemann, founder of Fulana

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New Collection "Andean Heritage"

With boots, sneakers, and alpargatas, each pair is a fusion of contemporary style and cultural tradition.